Center for Applied Global English


Center for Applied Global English (CAGE) is a partnership between the U.S.-based The American Center for Global English Mastery (ACGEM) [ ], through its China subsidiary -- Nanning Ensi Educational Information Consulting Company, Ltd. -- and Guangxi Zhongzhou International Training Institute [ ].

China Project


The ACGEM China Project is specifically designed to address China’s unmet advanced global communication needs.
Target Clients
The Project delivers high quality, outcome-measurable global English language training courses and special customized programs for selected Chinese groups who speak and use English as a Second Language.


Our Mission, Training Focus & Blended Learning Platform

The Chicago-based American Center for Global English Mastery (“ACGEM”) offers advanced Global English and customized English language training courses in effective international communication to students, professionals, executives and teachers.

For those who need to improve their English language proficiency, ACGEM has designed and developed Global English Mastery (GEM) training running from elementary through pre-intermediate and into advanced levels. This innovative, fully-tested blended learning platform combines:

  • Live, in-person classroom teaching -- Student-centered GEM classroom courses, special English-for-Specific-Purposes courses, and advanced English communication programs with on-site experienced, qualified native English teachers.
  • Guided and measured home studying with measurable outcomes, enhanced by technology-assisted learning.
  • Deployment of the world recognized “Test of English for International Communication” (TOEIC) as a tool for pre-training and post-training evaluations business/career focused students/learners.
  • Intensive academic test preparation courses on the “International English Language Testing System” (IELTS) and the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL) for students who plan to pursue advanced degrees overseas.
  • For new learners of English as a Second Language (ESL), ACGEM's unique “Live ESL” program brings certified American teachers from America into existing conventional English language training classrooms via high quality video conferencing systems. Experienced, highly qualified American ESL teachers work on screen in the same room with top local language teachers in local classrooms for intensive instruction.

ACGEM’s advanced Global English concept and blended learning platform originated over thirty years ago with the "On-the-Job English as a Second Language" training program for new arrivals in America. Over the past 11 years, the Global English curriculum has been fully developed and successfully implemented in the U.S., Thailand and Vietnam.

To see how ACGEM blended learning platform and programs can make a significant difference in China and Asia-Pacific countries, click here to download.

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"I am writing to strongly endorse the team at ACGEM for meeting the English-language training needs of Chinese students preparing to study abroad.
   I was one of those students. After finishing my Ph.D. coursework at China University of Political Science and Law, I joined with other graduates in taking the intensive ACGEM program in Listening Skills, Presentation Skills and preparation for English in International Communications. In a remarkably short period of time, the ACGEM team helped each and every student in the program to measurably increase our confidence, our fluency and our proficiency in English. ACGEM helped us make the most of what we had already learned in the Chinese system and brought us to the next level needed to study overseas.
   But that is not all.
   After I arrived in Chicago (USA), as a Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University School of Law, ACGEM provided with me support in America. Not only did they help me gain exposure to English spoken every day in America, but I also received specific help that enabled me to integrate difficult-to-understand legal concepts into my thinking. I am grateful to have experienced the ACGEM training and I am glad to recommend this to others in China now considering overseas study!”  

Zhang Hong Ming
Ph.D. Candidate -- China University of Political Sciences and Law (Beijing)